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December 1, 1986, to February 1, 1987 |

A Contemporary View of Nature

A Contemporary View of Nature features the work of 44 artists responding to and interpreting the natural environment. These contemporary interpretations of the natural environment reflect the many ways that artists view the world around them. Although nature is respectfully acknowledged as the primary subject of the works in the exhibition, the 19th century bucolic landscape is not. Some artists have chosen to depict the environment as apocalyptic or hostile, others as scared or sublime. The artists’ response to nature is as varied as the media, styles, and techniques used by them.

Artists: Carol Anthony, Elizabeth Awalt, Richard Bassett, Derek Boshier, Chuck Connelly, Petah Coyne, Brad Davis, Rupert Deese, Ellen Driscoll, David Deutsch, Elizabeth Dworkin, Peter Fleps, Jedd Garet, Vladimir German, April Gornik, Cleve Gray, Freya Hansell, Gerald Horn, Alexis Hunter, Tobi Kahn, Alex Katz, Anselm Keifer, Grace Knowlton, Rex Lau, John Lees, Alfred Leslie, Richard Long, Susan Lyman, Louisa Matthíasdóttir, Melissa Meyer, Sylvia Mangold, Don Nice, Paul Oberst, Claudio Palmieri, Marsha Pels, Janis Provisor, Takao Saito, Yolanda Shashaty, Susan Shatter, Joan Snyder, Neil Welliver, Peter White, Tod Wizon, Tino Zago