The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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Important Update

January 23, 2005, to June 22, 2005 | Leir Atrium

Alyson Shotz: Light, Sound, Space

The natural world, which has inspired so many artists throughout art history, is for Alyson Shotz not only a source of beauty and wonder but also doubt and inquiry. With her art, she touches on scientific concepts, and makes evident the not-so-foreign relationship between science and art.

Like the perpetually changing state of the natural world, Shotz’s sculptures, prints, and videos are mutable. Plastic , metal, and wood, through her treatment, appear changeable or suggest changeability- a quality central to her artistic interests.

The Shape of Space (shown above), engages, reflects, and refracts the action in its immediate environment, as well as the light and imagery coming through the windows of the gallery through the Fresnel lenses from which it is composed. The simple construction and mundane materials belie the complex repercussions of this work. The title refers to theories about the universe that attempt to explain all matter and behavior.

Curated by Jessica Hough