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1984 |

American Neo-Expressionists

Our modern era has been shaped by science and technology. In Neo-Expressionist painting we see a reaction to the rational world. These are very exciting paintings, and unlike abstract art, the do communicate the artists’ intentions to the view with immediacy. Apparently the art public was ready for this change, as the response to this new art was much more rapid than is usual with any new art when it is first exposed. Many of the artists in this exhibition, in an amazingly short period of time, have already received recognition as outstanding both here as well as abroad. While the works of many of these Neo-Expressionists artists have been acquired and shown by museums, this is the first comprehensive museum exhibition offering a survey of most of the artists currently painting in the Neo-Expressionist mode.

Artists: Auste, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jon Borofsky, Richard Bosman, Troy Brauntuch, Edward Brezinski, James Brown, Chuck Connelly, Don Cooper, David Deutsch, Eric Fischl, Mike Glier, Ken Goodman, Keith Haring in collaboration with Kermit Oswald, Keith Haring, Roberto Juarez, Robert Longo, Richard Mock, Rick Prol, Lee Quiñones, Judy Rifka, Susan Rothenberg, David Salle, Kenny Scharf, Julian Schnabel