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June 3, 2001, to September 9, 2001 |

Art at the Edge of the Law

“A work of art should be like a well-planned crime.” – Constantin Brancusi

Art at the Edge of the Law beautifully represents the ability of the Museum to create exhibitions that further the explorations of contemporary artists while piquing the interest of our local community. More important, the exhibition encourages the viewer to question the norms and conventions of contemporary society as represented by the laws that govern our every action.

If one thinks of engagement with the law and culture, the visual arts generally do not come to mind. The law and the accompanying legal system affect every aspect of our society and our everyday interactions. It seems natural that visual art, reflecting our society, would become involved with our legal system, both consciously and unconsciously. Not as much a movement as cultural coincidence, this group of works shows us that it is possible to make revolutionary art in strikingly unrevolutionary times.

Curated by Richard Klein and Jessica Hough

Artists: Janine Antoni, Barbie Liberation Organization, Barton Lidice Beneš, J. S. G. Boggs, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Tom Friedman, Gregory Green, Jeffrey Hatfield, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Janice Kerbel, Mark Lombardi, Bradley McCallum, Howard Meyer, Negativland, Michael Oatman, Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Prince, Tom Sachs, Jacqueline Tarry, Michael Thompson, Fred Tomaselli, Stephen Tourlentes, ubermorgen