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January 23, 2000, to May 29, 2000 |

Faith: The Impact of Judeo-Christian Religion on Art at the Millennium

Faith is neither a religious, nor a secular exhibition. It is built firmly on two presumptions, as are the great religions: that we are, as flesh and blood mortals, transient beings; and that there is a higher order of plan towards which we aspire. For thousands of years art and religion have mutually claimed these truths are their own, often in service of each other. Over the last thirty to forty years, however, most museums and curators have sustained the notion that art and religion are twain, but what remains constant is the human need to ask “why?”

Curated by Christian Eckart, Harry Philbrick, and Osvaldo Romberg Assistant Curator: Jessica Hough

Artists: Reverend Ethan Acres, Helène Aylon, Lisa Bartolozzi, Willie Bester, Sylvie Blocher, Barbara Broughel, Petah Coyne, Christian Eckart, Linda Ekstrom, Roland Fischer, John B. Giuliani, Clara Gutsche, Lyle Ashton Harris, Christof Klute, Jan Knap, Kinke Kooi, Nicholas Kripal, Justen Ladda, Maria Marshall, Keith Milow, Hermann Nitsch, Manuel Ocampo, Jaume Plensa, Bettina Rheims & Serge Bramly, Matthew Ritchie, Osvaldo Romberg, Diane Samuels, Andres Serrano, Claude Simard, Francesc Torres, Michael Tracy, James Turrell, Lane Twitchell, Allan Wexler, Jo Yarrington

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