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May 23, 1993, to September 26, 1993 |

Fall from Fashion

Fall from Fashion is not a “fashion show,” but it does talk about many complex ideas related to fashion: clothing, style, gender-identification, sexual identity, self-image, presentation of self, and clothing as a vehicle for social and political commentary. The artworks in this exhibition represent a wide variety of viewpoints (and aesthetics) relating to these issues. Although the presentation of clothing has had a long and rich tradition in the visual arts, what makes the art in Fall from Fashion interesting and unique is the way it employs the theme as an instrument for effecting change and as a stand-in for the human body.

Curated by Barry A. Rosenberg

Artists: Janine Antoni, John Armleder, Joseph Beuys, Ashley Bickerton, Janet Biggs, Gaza Bowen, Willie Cole, Maureen Connor, Lesley Dill, Suzan Etkin, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Sylvie Fleury, Robert Gober, Gotscho, Carter Kustera, Rachel Lachowicz, Charles LeDray, Annette Lemieux, Naomi London, Annette Messager, Mariko Mori, Chuck Nanney, Dennis Oppenheim, Joel Otterson, Maurizio Pellegrin, Rona Pondick, Jason Reed, Hunter Reynolds, Collier Schorr,Beverly Semmes, Judith Shea, Claude Simard, Lorna Simpson, Chrysanne Stathacos, Haim Steinbach, Andy Warhol, Allan Wexler

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