The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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July 10, 1966 to September 11, 1966 |

Highlights of the 1965-66 Art Season

The Highlights Exhibition, a summer annual, represents Larry Aldrich’s personal choice of the most stimulating, exciting, and impressive works from the many New York gallery shows he has viewed since September.

This is the second Highlights Exhibition since the founding of the museum in 1964. Aldrich has chose twenty-one artists, twelve of them from first one-man exhibitions.

Artists: Abe Ajay, Larry Bell, Marcelo Bonevardi, Pol Bury, Ben Cunningham, Dean Fleming, Frank Gallo, Charles Hinman, Howard Jones, Gerald Laing, Leroy Lamis, Josef Levi, Sven Lukin, Ronald Mallory, Masayuki Nagare, Lowell Nesbitt, Eduardo Paolozzi, Joseph Raffaele, Richard Randell, Leo Valledor, Victor Vasarely