The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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June 24, 2007 to September 3, 2007 | June 24, 2007, to September 3, 2007

Neil Jenney: North America

Neil Jenney is known for his large-scale paintings dramatically set in handmade, oversize black wood frames. The 25 works in North America, dating from the 1970s through today, address environmental concerns and social injustice.

The Aldrich exhibition features eight Good paintings that Jenney completed since 2004 (his works can take as long as five years to finish). These new works project a haunting, elegiac beauty. In the two largest, both called North America Divided, the wide, deep frames enclose narrow, horizontal vistas measuring about 8 inches by 8 feet. As though seeing through the slotted window of a military bunker, we behold sections of tree trunks whose textures are rendered with a sensuous painterly touch against heavenly skies that seem as though lit from within. In one, part of a rusty barbed-wire fence extends across the lower edge, giving the text printed in a 19th-century style font on the frame - N Divided A - an allegorical edge.