The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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Important Update

November 9, 2003 to November 16, 2004 |

Nina Levy: Big Baby

The Aldrich has chosen sculptor Nina Levy as the inaugural artist in a series of site-specific installations titled Main Street Sculpture Project. Machinery, massive piles of dirt, and steel beams erupting from what was once the sculpture garden are clear indications that The Museum's renovation/expansion project is moving forward. The giant baby sitting outside the Museum, at a full seven feet tall, is yet another. Levy’s sculpture, appropriately titled Big Baby, can be seen in front of The Aldrich where it will remain on view throughout the period the Museum is closed for renovation.

Levy, who is a new mother with an eight-month-old son, has sculpted a large brooding baby. Both looming and portentous, Big Baby represents the constant attention and demands of a newborn, full of the importance that a new life embodies. Levy's timely subject also signals the birth of this exhibition series, as well as the rebirth of the Museum in the coming spring.

Without gallery space to welcome visitors until spring 2004, the Museum encourages onlookers to greet the hefty newborn as he sits on a bench aiming to captivate the family-friendly town of Ridgefield and passersby along the town's highly trafficked Main Street.