The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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May 19, 1996 to September 1, 1996 |

No Doubt

When a sister or brother from the street drops the phrase “no doubt” on you, the effect is often more interrogative than affirmative. What sounds like passive agreement is instead architectonic punctuation. When “no doubt” follows your utterances, a verbal frame of accountability has been build around your claims of veracity. Far from marching lockstep, “no doubt” becomes your respondent’s way of letting you know that everything you say, while duly noted, is being held in suspension until the speaker has proven themself reliable beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Curated by Renee Cox, Guest Curator

Artists: Radcliffe Bailey, Renee Cox, Gerald Cyrus, Cathleen Lewis, Kerry James Marshall, Michael Richards, Danny Tisdale, Iké Udé, Kara Walker, K-PRZ

Top image: Kara Walker, African't, 1996, Cut Paper on Wall.