The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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January 24, 1993, to May 2, 1993 |

Simply Made in America

One artist strews a tidal wave of pungent-smelling bubble gum across a gallery floor. Yet another combs the landfill for rusting and discarded water heaters. A third goes on a fishing expedition over a two-block area of Chinatown, and displays every type of fish he finds in specimen jars. All preconceived notions of a timeless and absolute way of making art must be abandoned at the door of Simply made in America.

Curated by Barry A. Rosenberg

Artists: Mark Dion, Rick Franklin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Hans Haacke, Rachel Harrison, Perry Hoberman, Lisa Hoke, Brad Kahlhamer, Donald Lipski, Matthew McCaslin, Cyrilla Mozenter, Alix Pearlstein, Daniel Peterman, Jack Pierson, Nancy Rubins, Jessica Stockholder, Rirkrit Tiravanija