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June 18, 2000, to September 6, 2000 |

Speed of Vision

Video artists are able to manipulate our sense of time through cinematography, slow or accelerated editing techniques, and by using imagery and narrative from multiple time periods. Speed of Vision is made up of single-channel videos and video installations that focus on the concept of time as both a real and artificial construction. Many of the works in the exhibition involve recorded performances. By including footage that spans decades and by making connections to several events or moments, video simulates the human experience of thought and memory.

Artists: Doug Aitken, Jonas Åkerlund, Charles Atlas, Jessica Bronson, Eiko & Koma, Annika Eriksson, Tom Kalin, Matthew McCaslin, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Nam June Paik, Kathy Rose, with a special book project by Judy Linn