The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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October 10, 1993, to January 9, 1994 |

Timely and Timeless

Timely and Timeless offers a radically different view of contemporary art in 1993 than has recently been portrayed by most other critics and institutions. Despite the widespread belief that our culture is collapsing, it builds a strong case for a more optimistic position. The continuation of tradition gives rise to hope, by implying a future built of both the past and present. In Timely and Timeless we discover the inclusion of personal metaphors appropriate to our own time, along with the incorporation and assimilation of art’s historical traditions.

Curated by Douglas F. Maxwell

Artists: Raine Bedsole, Deborah Deichler, April Gornik, Mark Innerst, Jeff Joyce, Tobi Kahn, Kevin Larmon, Susan Laufer, Brice Marden, Elizabeth Murray, Milton Resnick, Bruce Robbins, Alexis Rockman, Susan Rothenberg, Peter Solow, Linda Stojak, Maria Tomasula, Irene Valincius

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Top image: Irene Valincius, Untitled, 1992, Oil on Canvas.