The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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June 22, 1969 to September 14, 1969 |

Highlights of the 1968-69 Art Season

Highlights of the 1968-69 Art Season is the Aldrich Museum’s fifth annual summer exhibition. We have collected two or three works by each of the twenty-nine artists who we feel had the most exciting and significant one-man shows in New York City art galleries since last September.

Nine of the artists had their first one-man shows this year: Peter Alexander, Leon Berkowitz, Dan Christensen, David Diao, Eva Hesse, Clement Meadmore, Richard Serra, Christopher Wilmarth, and Peter Young. A definite new trend appeared this past season; artists turned away from hard-edge and shaped canvases toward the more sensuous, two-dimensional aspects of painting. Artists represented in our show involved in this departure are David Diao, Don Kaufman, William Pettet, Robert Ryman, and Dan Christensen. Several artists should have been in the show but are not because work was not available or space feasible: i.e. Al Held, Charles Ross, Ellsworth Kelly, George Sugarman, and Alan Saret.

Artists: Pierre Alechinsky, Peter Alexander, Horst Antes, Leon Berkowitz, Varujan Boghosian, Daniel Christensen, Nassos Daphnis, David Diao, Thomas Downing, Mark Feldstein, Dan Flavin, Nancy Grossman, Eva Hesse, John Hoyland, Howard Kanovitz, Craig Kauffman, Don Kaufman, Sven Lukin, Robert Mangold, Clement Meadmore, Doug Ohlson, William Pettet, Salvatore Romano, Robert Ryman, Ludwig Sander, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, Christopher Wilmarth, Peter Young