The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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January 1, 1964 to June 1, 1964 |

“Old Hundred”: Selections from The Larry Aldrich Contemporary Collection, 1951–1964

The Opening Exhibition

“Old Hundred”: Selections from The Larry Aldrich Contemporary Collection, 1951–1964 is a selected exhibition of seventy-five paintings and twenty works of sculpture, international in character, collected since 1951. Mr. Larry Aldrich, renowned as an art collector and as a leader in the world of fashion, started to acquire in 1937 works of art from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Expressionist schools.

It was not until 1951 that he began to collect contemporary paintings and sculpture. His first purchases were Zao Wou-Ki’s Red Still Life and Vieira da Silva’s Noon Break, both shown in this exhibition. As Mr. Aldrich continued to acquire other contemporary works of art, he found his interest became completely involved in the newer works.

For several years, Mr. Aldrich has been an active proselytizer for contemporary art, and a portion of his collection has toured throughout the country. He has personally attended each opening, to tell the story of how he became a collector. Opening the new museum represents the expression of his desire to share with others his pleasure in living with twentieth century art.

Artists: Pierre Alechinsky, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Karel Appel, Edward Avedisian, Gianfranco Baruchello, Jean René Bazaine, Robert Beauchamp, Billy Al Bengston, Anna-Eva Bergman, Julius Bissier, Joan Brown, David Budd, Thomas Chimes, Carmen Cicero, Robert Courtright, Alan Davie, Jean Dubuffet, Bernard Dufour, Maurice Estève, Peter Forakis, Sam Francis, Jane Freilicher, Nobumitsu Fukui, Alberto Giacometti, Roger Edgar Gillet, Leon Golub, Sidney Goodman, Robert Goodnough, Adolph Gottlieb, Grace Hartigan, Hans Hartung, Wally Hedrick, Norman Holden, Gottfried Honegger, Robert Indiana, James Jarvaise, Paul Jenkins, Alfred Jensen, Lester Johnson, Ellsworth Kelly, Kirsten Kraa, John Levee, Constantin G. Macris, Alfred Manessier, André Marfaing, Gino Marotta, Nicholas Marsicano, Francois Moyen, Rakuko Naito, Nathan Oliveira, Barbro Östlihn, Luigi Parzini, Mario Prassinos, Robert Richenburg, Bridget Riley, Larry Rivers, Sergio Romiti, William Ronald, Ludwig Sander, Gustave Singier, Pierre Soulages, Theodoros Stamos, Julian Stanczak, James Suzuki, Antoni Tàpies i Puig, Ernest Trova, Richard Tum Suden, Rodolphe Raoul Ubac, Ernst van Leyden, Victor Vasarely, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Agatha Wojciechowsky, Jack Youngerman, Zao Wou-Ki

Sculpture: Mary Bauermeister, Miguel Ortiz Berrocal, Roger Bolomey, Judith Brown, César, Tony DeLap, Jean-Robert Ipoustéguy, Umberto Mastroianni, James Metcalf, Eleanore Mikus, Anthony Padovano, Eduardo Paolozzi, Alicia Penalba, Pablo Picasso, Barbara Pniewska, Jason Seley, David Smith, Ian Stuart, John Willenbecher, Fritz Wotruba