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Important Update

October 12, 2020 to March 14, 2021 | Opatrny Gallery, Sound Gallery

Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty will be be changing throughout the exhibition's run with the artists creating new work and adding to, or modifying, their installations in the galleries. The second installation will open on December 6, 2020 and the third installation will open on February 7, 2021.

Twenty Twenty is an exhibition of works on paper rolled out sequentially over the course of five months that presents the work of seven artists who primarily utilize photographic imagery. This exhibition was conceived of in 2019 to document and respond to the 2020 election season and was originally scheduled to open in June 2020. With the Museum’s temporary closure from early March to the end of June due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition opening was pushed back to October.


2020 has been historic year and the work being created by the artists now reflects their lived experience through a landmark election year, a global pandemic, and a national reckoning with systemic racial injustice and police brutality. The exhibition asks the question can a ‘slow’ museum exhibition actively participate in democracy amidst the cacophony of Tweets and abbreviated news app headlines via a medium that moves no faster that the speed of a human hand pushing a pencil?

Artists participating in the exhibition include Marti Cormand (Brooklyn, NY), Oasa DuVerney (Brooklyn, NY), Judith Eisler (Vienna, Austria and Warren, CT), Andy Mister (Beacon, NY), William Powhida (Brooklyn, NY), Gil Scullion (Middletown, CT), and Diana Shpungin (Brooklyn, NY).

The artists will be adding works to the exhibition in early December and early February creating a platform for response throughout the exhibition. Following key moments in the election cycle, the final installation of the exhibition will reflect the proceeding years’ political and social experiences through the lens of these artists’ lived experiences. The Aldrich has commissioned the seven artists to create the work for this exhibition. The exhibition will be accompanied by a newspaper, published in two editions, that will bookend the exhibition.

Organized by Richard Klein, Exhibitions Director, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Installation Images




Generous support for Twenty Twenty is provided by Eric Diefenbach and James Keith Brown, Kathleen O'Grady, and The O'Grady Foundation.

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Twenty Twenty's 71 works are by only seven artists, who in late 2019 were asked to capture 2020 with drawings they based on photographic images.

Top image: Judith Eisler, Stacey; Nurse; AOC; Kamala, all 2020 (left), Courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York; Oasa DuVerney, But You, Me, and Tomorrow hold hands and make vows that struggle will multiply, 2020 (right), Courtesy of the artist. Twenty Twenty (installation view), The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, October 12, 2020 to March 14, 2021. Photo: Christopher E. Manning