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Barbara Zucker

Barbara Zucker made Mix, Stir, Pour when she was a new mother and navigating a balance between making art and caring for her toddler. The artist draws parallels between this cumulative sculpture, which she created by repeatedly mixing, stirring, and pouring plaster, and the ritualistic daily labor of parenthood.

Time Signatures: Homage to Linda and Lucy. My Luminaries, on view in the Opatrny gallery, is a more recent work from 2010–17 that pays tribute to Linda Nochlin and Lucy Lippard, two pioneering thinkers on art and feminism. The soundtrack comprises recordings of Nochlin and Lippard reading passages from some of their most influential essays. The dichroic coated plexiglass objects are based on photographs of the facial wrinkles of Nochlin and Lippard. Zucker’s friendships with both women date back to the early 1970s, when she participated in Twenty Six Contemporary Women Artists.



Hear artist Barbara Zucker describe her works, "Time Signatures: Homage to Linda and Lucy. My Luminaries," (2010–17) and "Mix, Stir, Pour," (1972), in the Aldrich exhibition, 52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone.

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Top image: Barbara Zucker, Time Signatures: Homage to Linda and Lucy. My Luminaries, 2010–17. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Christopher E. Manning